Superman Doomed

Superman Doomed

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Superman Doomed

Softcover 544 pp

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Collects Superman: Doomed (2014) #1 and 2, Action Comics (2011 2nd Series) #30-35, Superman/Wonder Woman (2013) #7-12, Superman (2011- 3rd Series) #30, Action Comics (2011) Annual #3, Superman/Wonder Woman (2013) Annual #1, Supergirl (2011- 5th Series) #34-35 and Batman/Superman (2013 DC) #11

Its name is Doomsday. It came from the Phantom Zone, where the Man of Steel had banished it once before. Bigger. Deadlier. Capable of killing life on Earth.

Only Superman can stop it. But even that is not the end. Evil is in its blood. And when that blood is spilled, the innocent will fall — and Superman himself will discover the monster within. The Last Son of Krypton may become a destroyer of worlds himself, leaving the Earth without its greatest protector.

Superman and his allies each must make a choice. If they unleash the monster, will they lose the man? Is this Earth's last shot at salvation, or are Superman and everyone he cares about…

Writers Greg Pak, Charles Soule, and Scott Lobdell with artists Tony S. Daniel, Aaron Kuder, Ken Lashley, Scott Kolins, and a league of comics' top talents present SUPERMAN: DOOMED!

DC Comics's most epic Superman event ever. It’s Superman vs. Doomsday as you’ve never seen it before! In this New 52 epic, Superman’s battle against Doomsday is only the beginning, as the Man of Steel becomes infected with Doomsday’s powers and traits! How can he overcome this threat that comes from inside himself? Find out in stories from SUPERMAN: DOOMED #1 and 2, ACTION COMICS #30-35, SUPERMAN/WONDER WOMAN #7-12, SUPERMAN #30, ACTION COMICS ANNUAL #3, SUPERMAN/WONDER WOMAN ANNUAL #1, SUPERGIRL #34-35 and BATMAN/SUPERMAN #11. Collected now in one volume!

Serie: Superman: The New 52!

Paperback: 544 páginas

Editor: DC Comics (5 de enero de 2016)

Idioma: English

ISBN-10: 1401257690

ISBN-13: 978-1401257699

Dimensiones : 16.7 x 1.8 x 25.8 cm

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  • 14012-57-69-0
  • 978-1-401-25769-9


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